Are you looking to remodel the cabinets in your kitchen? You could get them delivered already assembled and ready for installation, or you can get higher quality cabinets for less by choosing RTA (or ready to assemble) cabinets instead. We at American Casework & Millwork specialize in custom kitchen cabinets you can order and assemble yourself easily to perfectly match the quality and style you expect for your kitchen remodel. Getting the best options in cabinets has never been easier than today, and with fast shipping options, you can get RTA cabinets perfect for your kitchen from our location here in beautiful Orlando, FL. Want to know more about white, ready to assemble cabinets that are better than already assembled? We have some info for you.


Custom Kitchen Cabinets: RTA vs Pre-Assembled

When you’re planning a kitchen remodel, the goal is to achieve something of quality that matches the style you want for your dream kitchen. It’s often the room many homeowners care about the most when it comes to aesthetics, design, and functionality since kitchens are often the heart of the American household. Here’s what you should know about your options with assembled vs ready to assemble cabinets:

  • Assembled
    • Pros:
      • Pre-assembled cabinets require no effort beyond the installation of the cabinets once they arrive.
      • Professionals ensure a perfect finish.
      • Dovetail drawers will come already sanded and polished.
    • Cons:
      • Pre-assembled cabinets are more expensive, because of the labor to assemble them and the added shipping costs of a more cumbersome delivery.
      • They have much longer shipping times due to the time needed to assemble them.
      • They can be more easily scratched or damaged in delivery because of the larger size of the package.
  • Ready to Assemble
    • Pros:
      • RTA cabinets are much cheaper since they do not require additional labor costs for assembly and are easier to deliver.
      • The cost for higher wood quality is significantly less, making high-end wood options reasonably priced.
      • They can be shipped immediately once the order is placed and arrive sooner.
      • Assembly is easy with pre-drilled holes and resources like screws and hinges that come included in the order, along with instructions.
    • Cons:
      • Assembly is mildly time-consuming and may take you 15-30 minutes per cabinet, getting faster with your comfort level.
      • You need to read the instructions carefully so as to not make a mistake, which could take more time to correct.

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The Verdict

If you ask us, we believe ready to assemble cabinets are clearly the better choice. You get the materials much faster thanks to the immediate delivery, which means your cabinets will likely be done before the pre-assembled equivalent would be delivered. You also can spend a lot less for much better wood quality, and since the goal of a kitchen remodel is to have the best kitchen space possible, this option gives you that opportunity. The worst thing about RTA cabinets is they just require some time and patience, but since the cabinets have the same or similar assembly instructions, they’re also easy to learn. Meanwhile, it’s much more costly to get them readily assembled, and there’s a good chance you’ll have to downgrade in quality to meet your budget.


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